A resident of the Old City of Jerusalem was arrested on suspicion of trafficking in hard drugs

After the police located cocaine-type drugs in the suspect’s possession and revealed in an investigation that he carried out drug trafficking operations, a prosecutor’s statement was filed today (Thursday) against a suspect living in the Old City of Jerusalem

About a week ago, the suspect was arrested in the Old City of Jerusalem by police detectives from the David area in the Jerusalem district, when in his possession the suspect’s substance was seized as a dangerous cocaine-type drug. Police opened an investigation while gathering evidence and findings.

During a determined and professional investigation by David Merhav investigators in the Jerusalem district, four clients were found that the suspect, in his 30s, a resident of the Old City, sold them the suspect substance as cocaine after he used to trade in the Old City area of ​​Jerusalem.

The suspect’s detention was extended from time to time and with the conclusion of the police investigation today, a prosecutor’s statement was filed against him and his detention was extended by the court until 27.12 and an indictment is expected to be filed against him by the prosecution.

The police said: "As part of the ongoing police fight against the drug scourge, the police will continue to focus activity and enforcement on the perpetrators of the crime with an emphasis on illegal drug dealers and distributors."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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