An indictment for smuggling jewelry and luxury watches worth millions of shekels was filed against three Israelis

Today (Thursday), two indictments were filed in the Central District Court in Lod against three Israeli citizens, Avi Koren, Miriam Shoshan Benita and Eden Keinan, who worked together to smuggle luxury watches and jewelry worth millions of shekels through Ben Gurion Airport. In addition, with the filing of the indictments, applications were also filed for the issuance of temporary property orders under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.

The indictments were filed by Adv"D. Adili Dagan et al"D. Hagar Feinberg of the National Legal Unit for Customs Cases in the Tax Authority, and they attribute to the defendants, inter alia, offenses of smuggling goods in aggravated circumstances and misleading a customs official, and against two of the defendants are also charged with money laundering offenses. In addition to one of the defendants, the initiator, the planner and the executor of the smuggling network, income tax offenses and value added tax offenses are also charged.

According to the facts of the indictments, the defendants acted together in a systematic, cunning and sophisticated manner, with careful planning in advance, to carry out smuggling of watches and jewelry worth millions of shekels, in order to defraud the treasury or circumvent any prohibition, restriction or regulation regarding their import.

The various smugglings were carried out using a courier, who brought with her the luxury watches and jewelry from various countries around the world and cleared them on her body and luggage at the crossing on the green route, upon her entry into Israel. Subsequently, dozens of actions were taken on the luxury watches and smuggled jewelry, including marketing and selling them to various customers in Israel and abroad."To, all in order to hide and disguise their origin, the identity of the rights holders in them, their location, their movements and the very act of doing so in them.

The indictment was filed following a thorough and painstaking investigation by the Customs and Excise Investigations Department"From Be’er Sheva, a diamond unit and in cooperation with the Destinations Unit at the Tax Authority.

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archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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