Ben Gvir marching in Chumash: "It is exciting to see thousands of Jews return home to Chumash"

Thousands of people came today (Thursday) from all over the country to the ruins of Chumash in a call to strengthen the yeshiva there, as part of the legacy of Yehuda Dimentman 7"To. US"Jewish Power, Ha"Itamar Ben Gvir was moved to see the thousands who walked from the Shavei Shomron junction, despite the siege imposed by the IDF"For about the entrance of the buses: "There is nothing more exciting than watching thousands of Jews return home to Chumash".

Ben Gvir added and demanded bitterness"From Bennett to keep his promises on the subject of Chumash and settle the place: "This is Judah’s will and if we do not keep it, a reward will be given for terrorism".

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