Ben Gvir storm: The security guard observed threatens Ha"As turned out to be a released prisoner

Ben Gvir’s storm refuses to subside, after it was revealed tonight (Thursday) that the usher who was present at the scene of the incident in the underground parking lot in the exhibition grounds and was observed threatening Ha"Muhammad Issa was discovered as a released prisoner who ran two prison terms for throwing glass bottles at police officers and participating in a riot against security forces.

Issa ran his first prison sentence in 2016, for participating in a violent riot against security forces. The terrorist’s second detention in 2018 lasted about 11 months, when Issa Begin was accused of assaulting police officers and throwing glass bottles in the Issawiya neighborhood of Jerusalem.

In addition, videos of Issa were released after his release from prison, with incitement songs being played in the background during their trip. This morning it became clear that the second security guard who was present at the incident praised and supported the Hamas terrorist who was killed.

US"Jewish Power, Ha"Itamar Ben Gvir responded: "the cat is out of the bag! Today it is clear who lied and what motivated and beyond the fact that being a released terrorist says it all about the incident, it is also a serious security failure that must be investigated: "The security guard" This one keeps a place where public figures come – just a scandal".

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Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz

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