Environmental organizations have withdrawn the petition to Beg"Against a severance agreement"A

Environmental organizations today (Thursday) withdrew the petition regarding the agreement signed by Katsa"Government with Red-Med, which means a significant increase in the transportation of crude oil in the Gulf of Eilat (Beg"Pp. 3072/21). This, in light of the State Attorney’s Office’s announcement that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has stated that there will be no additional risk in the Gulf of Eilat, backed by the Ministry of Justice and the government.

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, said at the end of the discussion: "The result of the discussion in Beg"Clear. The policy of the Ministry of Environmental Protection – Zero Additional Risk in the Gulf of Eilat – is arbitrary and existing, and is supported by the state. We will implement it in practice and stop the expansion of the activity of the EPA"A. The State of Israel cannot be turned into a dangerous and polluting oil bridge. We will continue to protect the unique coral reef, and the valuable and sensitive marine and coastal environment".

The three petitioners – the Society for the Protection of Nature, Man, Nature and Law and Clear, responded: "We welcome the significant environmental achievement, which has been achieved following widespread public opposition to the agreement, which has led the state to rely on the position of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which has set a zero-risk environmental policy and says it will not interfere with the ministry’s considerations. In these circumstances and at this stage, the legal proceedings have been completed, but public action against the agreement will continue in full force to ensure that the agreement, so dangerous – to the unique natural values ​​of the Gulf of Eilat, the city of Eilat and its residents, will not be implemented.".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Noam Moskowitz

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