Four months of community service were sentenced to a senior police officer after he was convicted of committing an indecent act

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court today sentenced David Harush, a police officer with the rank of superintendent, to four months of community service, probation and compensation for the complainant, after he was convicted of committing an indecent act on an officer while a trainee in the Command and Staff course."M).

According to the verdict, about three years ago the defendant participated as a trainee in a command and staff course (Po"M) of the Israel Police held at the National Police College in Beit Shemesh, and took part in a unit evening for course participants at a club in the Tel Aviv port. Defendant went out to a party with three other trainees with whom he returned to college at the end of the party. On the way back the defendant sat in the back seat and next to the complainant. During the trip he performed an indecent act on her against her will.

In response to the indictment, the defendant denied the commission of the offense, and evidence was kept in court. After hearing the evidence, a court convicted the defendant.

The court ruled in the sentence that "It is not only the severity of the offense for which the defendant was convicted, but also the severity of the circumstances in which it was committed, namely: the commission of a sexual offense by a senior police officer, with the rank of rapper"K., as part of a prestigious police course for officers designated for promotion. As is well known, the police believe in law enforcement and therefore its police officers – and its officers all the more so – should be a role model and an example of all respect for the law. Thus, in committing a sex offense as part of a PO course"There is a violation not only of the complainant, but also of the rules of government and the public trust in the police". The case was handled by Adv"D. Liat Yunnyan and interrogated by the Jerusalem staff in the Police Investigations Department.

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