Member of the Shura Council: "Bad"M. will not remain in government in the event of an attack in Gaza"

Member of the Shura Council, Ha"As a former Ibrahim Cricket, evil threatens"M. will not remain in government in the event of an IDF attack"In Gaza: “We will not stay in government for one second if war is declared on Gaza or the West Bank.” Tonight, the threat was revealed by investigators from the organizations “If You Will” and “Go to Jerusalem.”

US"Jewish Power, Ha"Itamar Ben Gvir responded: "The statement of the terrorist supporter from the Shura Council in the case of Tza"To attack Gaza, bad"From retiring and overthrowing the government, is further proof that Bennett and Lapid have no legitimate mandate from the people of Israel. We warned and it happens again, Bennett and Lapid are held captive by the Muslim Brotherhood who spit in the face of the people of Israel. Formation of a government based on supporters of terrorism once again exposes the historic mistake made by Bennett and Lapid in the legitimacy they gave to supporters of terrorism".

H"Ben Gvir added: "Bennett and Lapid have formed a government with a black flag waving over it and now it is possible to understand what they are afraid of, the chairs of the members of the government are shaking with fear of the Muslim Brotherhood".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz / Danny Shem Tov

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