Nine years’ imprisonment was sentenced"D. who served as a receiver from the tax authority and committed thefts in millions of shekels

The Central District Court (Rev. Dana Marshak-Merom) today (Thursday) sentenced Nine years to nine years in prison"D. David Levy, who served, among other things, as a receiver on behalf of the Tax Authority, and who was convicted of multiple offenses of theft by a licensee in the total amount of more than NIS 17 million, and of concealing income in the amount of NIS 8.5 million"H. Yes were decreed on Adv"D. Levy 12 months probation, fine of 300,000 NIS"H. and payment of compensation to some of the victims of the offenses.

Between 2001 and 2011, Levy represented the Tax Authority in enforcement cases in order to collect taxpayers’ debts to the Tax Authority, as a private outsourced lawyer and by appointment of the Executioner.

According to the ruling, during this period Levy received funds amounting to NIS 16 million, as a result of the sale and realization of debtors’ assets, in 49 different execution cases, but did not transfer them to the execution file, to the winners and did not return balances to the debtors. Into his pocket, illegally.

With respect to this conduct of Adv"D. Levy established Biham"Q in the sentence that "The defendant committed the acts against the background of greed for money, when the characteristics of his personality do not constitute a circumstance for her voice or diminish his responsibility. The defendant took advantage of the core of his professional occupation, the unconditional trust given to him and his knowledge of stealing money while operating in the dark and against the background of greed, a distorted perception of lordship over the money and arrogance towards his clients".

With respect to the second charge, the court ruled"That "Because while the defendant was the administrator of the estate, the defendant sold an apartment in Holon at the request of the deceased’s daughter – Ms. Meital Klinger, and stole the balance of the apartment payments of 390,000, which he held in trust, by refraining from transferring them to Ms. Klinger. Not only due to the fact that the defendant committed the theft of the funds while he was an administrator of an estate, but also because of the exploitation of his powerful position in the face of particularly weakened victims of crime. Defendant took advantage of Meital Klinger’s weakness and lack of knowledge in an ugly manner worthy of any condemnation".

With respect to the third charge, the court ruled"That the defendant "He sold the apartment, got involved in stealing the proceeds of the sale of the apartment in the amount of NIS 106,083, which he held in trust, and refrained from transferring it to the heirs of the deceased. All attempts by the heirs to obtain the balance of their money, including through repeated appeals to the defendant, were to no avail".

The State Attorney’s Office for Taxation and Economics said after the sentence: The punishment imposed on Adv"D. Levy befits the severity of his actions and is an important and deterrent message to all lawyers and professionals who are violating their fiduciary duty and sending their hand in trust funds. The case was handled by Adv"D. Noam Uziel of the State Attorney’s Office for Taxation and Economics and was investigated p"Yah"The Shelhav 433, the fraud division of the Tel Aviv District and the Eilat Police in the Israel Police, and the Assessing Officer of Tel Aviv Investigations in the Tax Authority.

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