One week after the murder: The Dimentman family will hold a march to Chumash today

Shlomi Dimentman, brother of Yehuda Hi"D., who was killed last week at the Pentateuch, called for joining the march that the family is holding today (Thursday).

In a statement issued by the bereaved brother: "We, the Dimentman family, will be comforted by the mass participation in the aliyah to the place of the murder of our beloved son Yehuda Hi"D. At the Chumash Yeshiva. We appeal to the heads of state and the army to allow anyone who wants to comfort us in our heavy mourning to go up with us to Chumash" Added the brother.

Today, as mentioned, there will be a march together with members of the Dimentman family and the wife of Yehuda Hi"D. and their youngest son, towards the yeshiva in Chumash. The march will depart at 13:30 from the settlement of Shavei Shomron where Yehuda Dimentman Hi lived"D. Ten thousand people are expected to participate in a march with the Dimentman family towards the Yeshiva Chumash where Yehuda studied. The march will also take place at the scene of the attack in which the terrorist cell hid and from there carried out the shooting at the vehicle in which it was traveling. As mentioned, at the end of the march, a memorial service will be held in Yehuda’s memory with the participation of rabbis, public figures and many Knesset members.

The head of the Yeshivat Chumash, Rabbi Elishama HaCohen, was arrested yesterday at the entrance to Jerusalem. Rabbi Elishama was arrested at the Hizma checkpoint on suspicion of violating the Disengagement Law, but was released after the intervention of the head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan. This arrest joins a report that immediately after the inauguration the government intends to deploy a Meg company"In the location of Yeshivat Chumash.

Yehuda Dimentman z"To. Photo: Courtesy of the family

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