The Minister of Justice has announced that he will bring to the approval of the Ministerial Committee the law for the prevention of incitement on social networks

The Minister of Justice will bring to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation the law to prevent incitement on social networks. The law provoked much opposition from the Likud, and especially Yu"Rabbi Netanyahu.

The explanatory memorandum to the law states that: "The law makes it possible to remove from social networks content that has a real possibility that will harm a person’s security, the security of the state or the security of the public. It will be clarified that this is a bill similar to the government bill that was approved in the first reading by the Knesset on January 2, 2017. The technological reality is ahead of the advanced countries in the world when it comes to dealing with online dangers. State systems – law, legislation and enforcement face new challenges very quickly. Western countries like Australia and Germany have already enacted laws on the subject and thus narrowed the gap. The purpose of the law is to deal with the publication of content that constitutes an offense and that has a real risk to a person’s safety, public safety or the security of the state. The bill allows the district court to decide on the removal of the infamous content published by p"One of the content providers including: Google, Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter."

It is also written: "The bill imposes two cumulative conditions for the removal of the content: the publication of the content constitutes a criminal offense, and if the publication has a real possibility of harming a person’s security, public safety or state security. In the discussion that will take place in the request to remove the publication, the content publisher and the owner, manager, or operator of the website where the content was published will be invited, as well as representatives of the service provider."

Minister Saar said: “Incitement on social networks is directly related to harming public safety. Stopping the government bill from 2017 was a whim that expressed the abandonment of the public and its security. Therefore, I have decided to renew this vital legislative initiative. ‘

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz

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