The speaker"Q finally decided: plea agreement with h"As Deri – who will confess and be convicted of tax offenses

According to the decision of the Attorney General, d"Rabbi Avichai Mandelblit, an indictment will be filed against MK Aryeh Makhlouf Deri. The indictment, which will be filed as part of a plea deal, attributes Moh"As offenses under the Real Estate Tax Law and the Income Tax Ordinance.

The indictment attributes to MK Deri two incidents:

Givat Shaul transaction – the matter of this affair is a real estate transaction"Estate from 2013, in the framework of which sold h"Deri to his brother Shlomo Deri, a property in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem. According to the indictment, the reports submitted to the real estate tax authorities as part of the online reporting forms for the transaction (Form Mash"H), as well as the sale contract attached to the report, did not reflect the full details of the transaction, including the amount of consideration in the transaction. Attach the missing transaction details"H. would have allowed the tax authorities to appraise the transaction properly, and set the value of the consideration at $ 1.6 million (approximately NIS 5.8 million), and not NIS 4.25 million, as reported. Due to the missing report to the real estate tax authorities, the purchase tax that Shlomo Deri was required to pay was illegally reduced. For this, Deri is accused of aiding and abetting a false statement.

Revenue from Green Ocean – Green Ocean was a financial investment fund in the United States"B. In 2011 Green Ocean began to pay damp"Deri is raising a commissioner for raising an investor for the fund. According to the indictment, as of January 2013, when he returned to political life, H."As Deri to Green Ocean to transfer the amounts of commissions to which he was entitled to his brother Solomon. Accordingly, between 2015-2013, Shlomo Deri was paid approximately NIS 630,000"H. Against consulting invoices. Deri did not include income in the amount of NIS 101,074"H. in the report submitted by the company owned by him for 2013, nor did he keep ledgers and did not file a report"The company owned by him to the tax authorities for the years 2015-2014, thus avoiding reporting to the Assessing Officer income in the amount of NIS 534,000 for these years. For this affair he is charged with the offenses of preparing a duo"H. and incorrect information as well as failure to file a report"Non-management of account books.

As part of the plea agreement, it was agreed that MK Deri will confess and be convicted in the indictment, and that the parties will jointly petition that he be sentenced to"Deri is serving a suspended sentence and a fine of NIS 180,000. The Attorney General also announced that as part of the settlement considerations, he recorded before him the announcement of MK Aryeh Deri regarding his decision to resign from the Knesset, and therefore, and according to the law regarding those who are not elected by the public, the Attorney General will not argue the defamation.

The investigation file was borrowed and handled p"Aw"D. Yaron Golomb, Noga Blickstein Shachori and Itai, who are from the Tax and Economics Attorney’s Office.

H"Deri said after the decision was announced: "I thank the Creator of the world for ending almost 7 years of torturous interrogation that was for my family and for me an unbearably difficult time. The investigation began with a loud noise, with very serious suspicions, and ended as Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandblit defined it with the words: “Not even a mouse was born from this case.” With regard to tax disputes, I have decided to take responsibility for mistakes made without malicious intent, in order to put the affair behind me and save the conduct of an entire trial in the matter. I thank a lawyer"D. Navot Tel Tzur for his dedicated work. I will continue to focus on my public activities and lead the Q movement"S. in full force and faith."

Aryeh Deri. Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman

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