"There is no doubt that the omicron is pushing the delta – within a period of two weeks we will know how much"

Director of the Microbiology and Bursting Diseases Laboratory of Beya"H. Assuta Ashdod Public, d"Rabbi Nadav Sorek said that: "The omicron strain seems to be pushing the delta all over the world. The data we know, show a high infection rate of the omicron up to four times that of the delta and on the other hand, according to the various publications, does not produce a more serious disease. Nevertheless, it is too early to conclude that this is a good reality for humanity – even if the omicron strain causes a milder disease but infects many more people, the numbers will be offset and seen in people with serious illness and hospitalizations. Within a period of two to three weeks, we will be able to draw conclusions. We must hope for the good but expect less good".

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Photo: Assuta spokeswoman Ashdod

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