Three men are accused of trying to abduct a Haifa resident to the territories due to a financial debt

Following a police investigation, a prosecutor’s statement was filed this morning (Thursday) against a resident of the Occupied Territories and two residents of Acre, on suspicion of trying to kidnap a Haifa resident into the Occupied Territories over their desire to forcibly sign an agreement to sell land owned by the victim.

During a routine patrol about two weeks ago, Umm al-Fahm police officers spotted a motor vehicle in the area with screams emanating and the victim, who was handcuffed and asked for help, asked for help.

Meanwhile, the police arrested the suspects in the vehicle, two residents of Acre and a resident of the Occupied Territories, in their 20s and 30s, for questioning at the Haifa police station, which shows that the suspects arrived at the victim’s home in the city, broke the contents of his house. Drive him to the territories, in order to sign a document of sale of land owned by him due to a financial debt of the victim.

Depending on the development of the investigation and its findings, the suspects’ detention was extended from time to time when, as stated, this morning the Haifa District Attorney’s Office filed a prosecutor’s statement against the suspects when an indictment and a request for their detention will be filed until the end of the proceedings.

Illustration. Credit: freepik

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