Two minorities were arrested on suspicion of possessing weapons in the castle

As part of operational activities "A safe route" And the national struggle to deal with crime in Arab society, to strengthen governance and deterrence and for the sake of public safety and security, police arrested a suspicious castle station and in possession of a Carlo-type automatic rifle.

Tira Station police officers carried out an initiated operational activity last night (Thursday), as part of the stubborn and uncompromising fight against offenses of use and illegal possession of explosives, in which the police officers identified a vehicle with two suspects in it. Suspect pulled out of the vehicle while throwing a bag he was holding.

At the end of a short chase, the police managed to arrest the suspect, a 28-year-old resident of the Occupied Territories, and a Carlo automatic rifle was seized in a bag he threw away. The suspect was taken for questioning at the police station and his detention in court was later extended until Monday.

The fleeing vehicle was later located in Lod and the driver was also arrested and taken for questioning at the police station. The seized weapon was transferred for further extraction properly in the weapons laboratories of the Forensic Division.

The police said: "This is a life-saving operational achievement, which has prevented criminal and other elements from accessing weapons and thus enabling the law-abiding public to lead a proper and safe lifestyle."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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