A 70-year-old Palestinian woman was killed by a vehicle near Ma’ale Levona in the Samaria Mountains

The ‘hot hammer’ procedure was announced recently (Friday) following a car accident in which an Israeli vehicle collided with a pedestrian, a 70-year-old Palestinian on Road 60 at the Singil junction near Ma’ale Lavona, medics and paramedics from Med"A. The wounded were reported, with multiple systemic injuries and no signs of life, they had no choice but to determine her death. After the accident, a crowd of Palestinians began and the road was blocked for traffic in both directions.

Representative of the Defense Department, Rabash"C. Ma’ale Levona, police, meter forces"A. and the Red Crescent were called to the scene. Military force on the way to the scene. Examiners of the Traffic Division of the Israel Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

archives. Photo: MivzakLive News

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