Bank of Israel: Representative exchange rates for foreign currencies – 24/12/2021

The Market Division of the Bank of Israel updates today (Friday) from the trading room the representative exchange rates for foreign currencies as of 12/24/2021.

GateCountryUnits and currency
3.1490United States$ 1
4.2228UK1 lish"ninth
2.7525Japan100 in.
3.5713European Monetary Union1 Euro
2.2805Australia$ 1
2.4582Canada$ 1
0.4803Denmark1 crown
0.3566Norway1 crown
0.2021South Africa1 Rand
0.3473Sweden1 crown
3.4325Switzerland1 franc
4.4415Jordan Banknotes1 dinar
0.0208Lebanon Banknotes10 pounds
0.2004Egypt banknotes1 pound

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