Corona Cabinet Approved: Occupancy Restrictions in Malls, Large Stores Subject to the Green Label

The Corona Cabinet has now (Friday) approved in a telephone poll the outline of activity in malls and commercial complexes, as presented by the National Security Headquarters (Mel"L), in coordination with the Ministry of Health, in the last cabinet discussion.

The decision stipulates that:

• Malls will operate in a purple character format, according to an occupancy ratio of 1:15 (one person every 15 meters).

• Entrance to stores with an area exceeding 100 m"R will be possible subject to the presentation of a green sign, both in open complexes and in malls and closed shopping complexes. The green label obligation will also apply to the employees in these stores.

• The food stalls in the malls will provide service to customers subject to the presentation of a green label, and will not allow seating but only self-collection.

• Entrance to restaurants located inside a mall will be allowed subject to the presentation of a green label, in accordance with the format currently used in restaurants.

  • The green mark in malls and shopping complexes will not apply to places that provide essential services, as detailed below: a store for the sale of hygiene products (Pharm), an optician, a store for the sale of medical aids, a supermarket, a grocery store or a supermarket. In these places, the current format will continue (purple character in an occupancy ratio of 1: 7).

The regulations will enter into force this coming Sunday (December 26, 2021, approx"In Tevet Tishp"B), at midnight (the night between Sunday and Monday), subject to the approval of the Knesset’s Constitution Committee.

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