The dirt after the storm: In the beaches department in Ashdod, they took care of cleaning the beaches from the remnants of the storm

In the beaches department of the Ashdod municipality, they took care today (Friday) to clean the many remnants left by the ‘Carmel’ storm from the beaches. After a particularly stormy week in the coastal strip of Ashdod, the waves were very high, the stream flowed strongly and the sand flew in all directions. This morning the wing workers raided the coastal strip and began collecting the many items that flew and were swept away in the last week of Storm Carmel.

"The work is enormous and we work with men permitting forces from the early morning hours in order to finish work and thus it will be possible tomorrow to dig and spend time on the shores of Ashdod", Noted the director of the division, Arie Turgeman.

Photo: Ashdod Municipality
Photo: Ashdod Municipality

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