Twenty-two defendants were convicted of serious violent offenses and attempted murder and some were sentenced to heavy prison terms.

The District Court a"A. (S. President B."The Honorable Justice Bnei Sagi) today (Friday) convicted, in accordance with their confession, Odeh Katier and 21 other defendants (including a minor), including serious violent offenses, including aiding and abetting murder, attempted murder, sabotage offenses and weapons offenses, extortion and tax offenses. (Each according to his part).

At the end of complex mediation proceedings conducted before the Honorable Justice Sagi, District Attorney’s Office"A (criminal), through Adv"Hadar Tzur, Tamar Teitelbaum and Yonatan Tal today filed an amended indictment against Odeh Katir et al.

As part of the arrangement, it was agreed that the State Attorney’s Office would seek to impose on Odeh as a tourist 24 years of actual imprisonment and 1.25 million shekels."H. Compensation, on the other hand the defense will petition for a sentence of not less than 18 years. Significant prison sentences will be imposed on the other defendants, including 18.5 years in prison for tourist Einash; On the accused Sada 17 years imprisonment; Ibrahim Kazamer 19-20 years in prison; The minor is sentenced to 17 years in prison and Mujahed Farage to 18 years in prison.

The plea agreement embodies the continuation of the determined struggle of the law enforcement authorities in the serious crime in the Arab sector. During the argument for the sentence to be heard before the panel, the Honorable Justice Yaron Levy, the prosecution will consider all the considerations in its formulation, including the long date that passed without the hearing of the evidence and the complexity of the case management in the Corona era.

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