Ashdod: Two suspects were arrested for assaulting a police officer and an inspector near a pub in the city

On Saturday night, the municipal police team carried out an operational activity during which they arrived at a local pub on Avraham Shapira Street in Ashdod. A young man who was standing nearby and apparently was in a coma, started attacking the crew and he was arrested. A number of other passers-by who noticed the arrest, began to attack the crew and threw bottles and stones at them in order to escape the detainee who finally managed to escape. The brawl that developed at the scene forced the forces to use the means at their disposal including a warning shot in the air carried out by the inspector.

Additional police forces who were called to the scene conducted a chase after the suspect and located him with the help of residents in one of the nearby buildings, he was arrested and taken for questioning. At the same time, the police arrested another suspect, who flew"The suspect took part in the serious assault.

The police officer and the supervisor were evacuated in a light condition for medical treatment. The owner of the pub was summoned to the police station in Ashdod tomorrow for a hearing before a police officer.

Tonight (Mot"Q) The two suspects in the assault will be brought before the Magistrate’s Court with a request to extend their detention.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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