Will he enlist in the army despite being transferred to Chile?

The Supreme Court has recently ruled on a petition filed against the IDF authorities"And in light of decisions rendered in respect of the petition by the Family Court.

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The matter of the petition in the petitioner’s request that the respondents 2-1, Tse"And the commander of the Meitav unit, will cancel the recruitment order issued to the petitioner, according to which he must report for compulsory service on December 26, 2121 (hereinafter: Recruitment order). An interim order is also sought prohibiting the respondents from enlisting the petitioner for military service.

On September 24, 2020, the petitioner appealed to the military authorities to cancel his enlistment and grant him an exemption from security service. On 17.11.2020, Respondent 2’s response was received that due to the anomalies of Petitioner’s case and taking into account the ongoing legal proceedings (as detailed below), Petitioner must appear for an interview at the Recruitment Bureau to examine his claims."And subject to the results of the interview, further treatment of the issue will be determined. The petition states that the petitioner appeared for an interview on 22.11.2020.

In January 2021, the recruitment order was sent to the petitioner when the recruitment date is 29.12.2021. In July 2021 a recruitment order was sent that brought forward the recruitment date by three days, we were to 26.12.2021. On 10.11.2021, the petitioner sent another letter of demand to the military authorities to revoke the conscription order and grant him such an exemption.

In petitioner’s position, the respondents’ decision to recruit him is unreasonable. This is due to the legal proceedings in his family: a judgment given in the Jerusalem Family Court accepted a claim filed by the petitioner’s mother and allowed her to immigrate to the state of Chile with her children – with the petitioner being one of them.

Bg"He ruled that the petition should be rejected outright because of the delay in filing it.

The petition was filed nearly a year after the recruitment order was issued and only a few days before the date of the petitioner’s recruitment, and therefore it suffers from a significant delay, without the petitioner providing an explanatory explanation as to why he delayed filing the petition (see, e.g."Pp. 5086/21 Someone v. Best Bureau Commander Recruitment Bureau (25.7.2021); Bg"Pp. 5064/19 Levi v. Attorney General (29.7.2019)).

Finally, bg"C. ruled that the petition should be dismissed. And if no response is requested, no order for costs will be made.

More Noam Koris Holds a master’s degree in law from Bar Ilan University, office Noam Koris Co. Lawyer has been involved in legal representation and class actions since 2004.

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