Yad Sara: In the case of a fifth wave – we will not be able to provide an effective solution in borrowing oxygen generators

The Yad Sara organization was informed following Re’s instructions"Bennett to conduct a situation assessment regarding the inventory of oxygen generators in Israel in the event of a wave of illness that they will not be able to provide an effective solution in lending the generators.

Last Thursday, a CEO turned up"By Sarah Moshe Cohen to the CEO"Prof. Nachman Esh wrote an urgent letter to the Ministry of Health, informing him that Yad Sarah did not have a stockpile of oxygen generators, in case the prediction of a wave of serious illness following the spread of the Omicron strain came true. According to the forecast of the Hebrew University experts, which was presented to the Corona Cabinet, the health system is expected to reach insufficiency in less than a month.

CEO"To Yad Sarah, Moshe Cohen, said: "The prime minister must intervene and prevent the danger to life of thousands of patients. We currently have 340 oxygen generators available and another 150 generators that we are working to put back to use. In the third wave we lent 2,395 oxygen generators a month (!) To Corona patients".

Yad Sara reported: "We call on the Prime Minister to intervene immediately and ensure an available emergency supply of respiratory equipment in favor of home hospitalization, which will avoid unnecessary mortality as a result of unbearable burden on the inpatient wards."

Photo: Beilinson Spokeswoman

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