5,000 dead cranes were observed in the Hula Reed, Minister Zandberg toured the site

In light of the growing outbreak of bird flu among the cranes in Agmon Hahula, the Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, arrived today (Sunday) for a tour of the place, together with representatives of the Nature and Parks Authority and Kak"To. Minister Tamar Zandberg conducted a situation assessment together with the officials on the ground, and followed the situation as it emerged from the skimmers’ documentation.

Raya Soraki, acting CEO"To the Nature and Parks Authority: "Following the situation assessments and monitoring of bird flu morbidity in the area as of today, Sunday 26/12/21, in a comprehensive monitoring carried out in the Hula Reed, about 5,000 dead cranes were documented in the Hula Reed area, which is the accommodation site that centers most of the cranes in Israel. In addition, about 250 dead cranes were observed in the Hula Valley outside the Agmon, and about 30 injured cranes in the rest of the country, most of them in the Jezreel Valley.".

Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg: "We are in the midst of a very acute outbreak of bird flu affecting cranes. This is in fact one of the most serious injuries to wildlife ever in Israel. Thousands of cranes have already died from the disease, hundreds of thousands of chickens have been exterminated in chicken coops, and it is still unknown if there is a spread of more wildlife. Together with all the authorities, government ministries, the Nature and Parks Authority and Keck"To, we follow the reality on the ground. We will work to treat it in the most correct and environmental way".

The Nature and Parks Authority reiterates: "As a rule, contact with wild birds and their secretions should be avoided during this period, and in case spotted or dead birds are identified in the area, they should not be touched and should be reported immediately to the Nature and Parks Authority hotline at 3639 *."

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman / Jonathan Samia

Photo: Hadas Kahner Nature and Parks Authority

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