A toddler was locked in front of his mother and grandmother in Rosh HaAyin, ‘Friends’ volunteers came to his rescue

A call was received today (Sunday) at the center of the “Friends” organization, about a toddler who was accidentally locked in a car in front of his mother and grandmother, at the Zevulun studio in Rosh HaAyin. The drives of the organization’s Rosh HaAyin branch responded to the call and arrived quickly. Using the dedicated equipment at their disposal, the volunteers rescued the toddler safely and quickly, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Zohar, one of the organization’s volunteers who came to the rescue, said: "As soon as I received the call I hurried to the address. I arrived at the scene and within a short time in cooperation with other drives that arrived, we rescued the toddler safely. The toddler’s mother and grandmother, who were there, were very excited and thanked us".

Photo: ‘Friends’

In ‘Friends’, parents are reminded to be careful to carry the key every time they leave the car, both short and long, for fear of a central locking when the child is alone.

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