An indictment has been filed against a 27-year-old Tel Aviv resident for sexual offenses against minors

The Cyber ​​Department of the State Attorney’s Office today (Sunday) filed an indictment in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court against Eden Awadi, a 27-year-old resident of the city, for sexual offenses against minors, whom he recognized in various widgets and in his hometown.

According to the facts of the indictment, filed by Adv"D. Fall Grossman Gelman, the defendant contacted three minors through Instagram accounts under fictitious names. Although he knew that these were minors, the defendant continued to correspond with them through the widgets as well "WhatsApp" and- "Telegram", In SMS messages, and in other Instagram profiles. As part of the correspondence, the defendant sent two minors pictures and videos of a sexual nature and at the request of the defendant, one of the minors sent him pictures back.

Furthermore, the defendant had a video conversation with one of the minors in which the two performed acts of a sexual nature. Defendant’s actions did not remain in the virtual world, and he met with two minors, one of whom was acquainted with his area of ​​residence. At the meetings, the defendant caused the minors to perform acts of sodomy on him and even offered payment to one of them, if he agreed to perform a certain sexual act on him but the minor refused. In addition, the defendant sent two other minors he knew online, messages and videos of a sexual nature, in response to which the minors blocked the defendant in the various applications.

In addition, the defendant possessed in his cell phone, about 170 files containing abominable materials including the figures of minors and toddlers in sexual acts, in some of the files among themselves and in some of the files with adults. The indictment further states that over a period of time the accused provided drugs and alcoholic beverages to two other minors, whom he knew in his city of residence.

In her request for detention until the end of the proceedings, Adv"D. Grossman Gelman: "… All the while, the respondent acted manipulatively, blatantly exploiting the minors, some of whom are confused and are in the process of forming their sexual identity. The respondent’s actions and their circumstances, including the length of time he performed the said acts, indicate the high danger posed by him and the sexual impulses that control him, when it is clear that he lacks any ability to avoid performing them."

The defendant was charged with the offenses of sodomy on a minor under 16 years of age (multiple offenses), attempted consumption of a minor’s prostitution, indecent act on a minor, sexual harassment (multiple offenses), indecent act on a person without his consent, possession of an abomination with the image of a minor, prohibition Sale of intoxicating liquor to a minor Encouraging or soliciting a minor to drink an intoxicating beverage, dismissing a minor for dangerous drugs.

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