Bank of Israel: A special evening on the occasion of the launch of the coin of appreciation for the medical staff

The Bank of Israel is holding a special seminar today (Sunday) on the occasion of the launch of the coin of appreciation for the medical staff who worked very hard in the war for the lives of the victims of the Corona. President Yitzhak Herzog and Health Minister Nit Horowitz attended the launch event, and over the past week the Bank of Israel has distributed some of the millions of coins minted in honor of the medical staff.

The evening, which was held at the Bank’s Visitor Center in Tel Aviv, dealt mostly with the health care system. The person chosen to present the health system was d"R. Dorit Teks-Manova, Director of the Eyei Hayeshua Medical Center. Dr. Tex-Manova introduced the people and faces behind the masks in the corona wards. She was also joined by Marlene Tahar, a nurse in charge of the corona system at the hospital.

It is not for nothing that he was chosen from the eyes of salvation from all the medical centers in the country. In the moving things and in the presentation presented by d"R. Tex-Manova, one could see how cultural accessibility works within and despite all the limitations and difficulties that the plague brought with it. The presentation included moving images such as a Muslim doctor from the Corona Intensive Care Unit, protected from head to toe holding a Torah scroll wrapped in both hands and handing it to worshipers in the isolated ward, or an elderly patient no one could understand, smiling in relief when the nurse came to put on tefillin while calling With him in sign language.

Dr. Manova concluded by saying: "I had the privilege of joining the sacred work of the staffs at the Fountains of Salvation in the midst of the plague and I am proud to be part of the crossroads where medicine, morality and halakhah all come together for the benefit of patients."

The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Yaron Amir, said: "I have no doubt that in light of the depth of the crisis and its enormous economic consequences, the work and mobilization of the workers of the medical and health system in Israel also contributes greatly to the resilience and survival of the economy. “

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

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