Constitution Committee: The Green Label Regulations have been approved for an additional nine days

The Constitution Committee today (Sunday) approved, for only nine days, the green mark on stores over 100m"R., with the exception of essential stores, the fine for business was reduced but it was clarified that it would be given immediately without warning. In addition, it was confirmed that eating will not be allowed in shared food complexes in malls. Food stalls will only allow the sale of takeaways for those with a green label.

At the request of Hugh"R. Committee, Ha"As a result, enforcement of fines on stores will begin on Tuesday to allow for additional deployment time.

Karib approved at a lengthy hearing the regulations for only nine days, instead of two weeks, after the government did not respond to his demand to exclude children ages 5-3 from the green label and allow ages 11-5 to present a paper indicating a first vaccine as a temporary green letter as promised by the government: "Of all the steps we have approved in committee in the last six months, my heart is heavy on approving these regulations. I will vote in heaven but with hesitation and with a heavy heart because the feeling is that there is a dramatic extension here of the limitations of the green character that we did not expand at the height of the fourth wave. I support them mainly because of the dimension of uncertainty that will become clear in a short time. The green character when there are no crowd restrictions is an exception in the exceptions. Neither the green mark nor the red states will become the new standard".

Ha"Uri Maklev of the Torah Judaism faction, who first opposed the Koruna regulations: "We have always been issues, either avoided or supported, but did not oppose regulations on these important life-saving issues as in the Corona struggle, but after almost ten hours of discussions we see the inattention of government representatives here at this table opacely to our requests and demands coming from the public and vote against."

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