Forecast: Clear and cold, temperatures unchanged

Forecast: Today (Sunday) is expected to be clear and cold. Moderate northeasterly winds will blow. Temperatures unchanged. The sea is comfortable. Wave height 40-90 cm"From the water temperature 19 degrees

The predicted temperatures for today: Jerusalem 13-6, Tel Aviv 18-10, Haifa 17-9, Beer Sheva 18-5, Safed 12-4 Ariel 13-7, Modi’in 17-6, Tiberias 19-7 and Eilat 22-11 degrees.

Prospectus for the following days:

On a similar Monday, a partly cloudy Tuesday with high clouds. Temperatures without significant change.

On Wednesday it will be partly cloudy with local rain on the coast and in the lowlands, and on Thursday it will be partly cloudy, said forecaster Boaz Dayan from the Israel Weather website.

The Hermon site opened this morning to visitors. Weather at a bright and cold site, the temperature at the lower level stands at 1-.

Photo: Hermon site
Photo: Hermon site

Photo: Hermon site

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