Horowitz: "Divrei H"K. Yabarkan – a disgraceful and disgusting statement towards medical personnel and employees of the health system"

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz recently (Sunday) condemned the words of H. on his Twitter account"The Green Charter Regulations in the Constitution Committee shall state that:"You do like Austria… just lacking concentration camps".

"The comparison he made today h"Gadi Yabarkan between the precautionary measures designed to maintain public health and prevent disease, and concentration camps set up by the Nazis during the Holocaust – disgusting and nauseating. Things border on Holocaust denial and humiliate the victims and survivors. This is of course a disgusting and disgusting statement also towards the medical people and health care workers who give their soul for the health of us all. The Ministry of Health will not let go of the effort to maintain the health of the citizens, nor will it shy away from swallowing, slander, threats and lies", Garden Minister Horowitz.

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