Netanyahu: "The ‘new Likudniks’ – a danger to the very existence of the Likud and the state"

Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu recently (Sunday) attacked the “new Likudniks” in the Likud court: "We see the ‘new Likudniks’ as a danger to the very existence of the Likud and this is a danger to the state. Half a year ago we saw something unbelievable, how seemingly right-wing people got votes from the right and shifted to the left to make a government coup in complete deception. Now we see something more amazing – people who want to do it within the Likud. To enter the movement in the guise of a seemingly right-wing party and to bring about the selection of candidates and MKs for a completely opposite left-wing agenda than ours. I go here to the end and I am not willing to give up this movement that is the avenue and the future of the country, the future of us all.

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