Suspicion: A 17-year-old brutally assaulted another minor in a boarding school – and broke his jaw

Police opened an investigation over the weekend upon receiving a report of a complaint filed at Ramb Medical Center"In Haifa for aggravated assault of a 14-year-old minor by another 17-year-old minor during their studies at a boarding school in the Zichron Yaacov area.

According to the suspect, an argument erupted between the two that soon led to blows when the suspect brutally attacked the victim and caused him jaw fractures and severe injuries. The complaint was transferred to the Zichron Yaacov police station, which immediately opened an intensive investigation and located the minor at his home in the south of the country.

The suspect was arrested for questioning, at the end of which he was imprisoned and at the end of the week was released by the Haifa District Court under house arrest.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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