The government approved at a special meeting the billion plan for the development of the Golan

The government today (Sunday) approved at a solemn meeting the Billion Plan – an unprecedented plan for investment in settlement in the Golan Heights and Katzrin. As part of the decision, hundreds of millions of shekels will be invested in doubling the population in the area in the coming years, improving the quality of life and developing the local and regional economy in the Golan Heights.

The decision was led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Gideon Saar, and partners in the Ministries of Construction and Housing, Interior, Transport and Road Safety, Tourism, Economy and Industry, Agriculture and Rural Development, Education, Environmental Protection and the Israel Land Authority.

Program highlights:

• 576 million shekels"In favor of planning and housing:

  • A future addition of about 7,300 housing units over a period of about five years, according to the following division: 3,300 units"D. to Katzrin and 4,065 units"D. to the Golan Regional Council.

  • The goal of the decision is to double the number of residents in the Golan Heights and Katzrin in the coming years, ie to add 23,000 people in the area.

  • Significant expansion of MA Golan localities through the absorption of new populations, along with an economic incentive for receiving localities.

  • 4,000 additional housing units in two new localities – As part of the decision, two new localities will be established in the Golan Heights ("harvest" and"meter"), Including about 2,000 units"D in each (in addition to 7,300 units"D. B. M. Golan and Katzrin).

  • For investment in the field of housing, a special planning committee will be established, a national outline plan will be promoted at a detailed level, a comprehensive outline plan for Katzrin will be approved and plans will be implemented for the release of fire areas and mine clearance in the area.

• NIS 160 million"H. For a comprehensive investment in improving the quality of life in the Golan:

  • Investment in transportation infrastructure that connects the Golan Heights to the center of the country, and investment in transportation infrastructure between the localities of the council and Katzrin.

  • Upgrading the emergency medicine system and expanding the activities of the front medical center in Katzrin.

  • Odem program for the development of technological-security leadership in Katzrin.

  • Massive investment in education and non-formal education.

• NIS 162 million"In favor of local-regional economic development:

  • Development of tourism infrastructure, centered on the Golan Trail for bicycles, grants to entrepreneurs in the field of hotels, marketing and promotion of new hotel complexes.

  • Mo."Innovation: Development of the agritech field in the area and turning the Golan into"The capital of climate technologies", Promoting impact investments in the area, connecting the food-tech cluster in Kiryat Shmona to the Golan Heights and more.

  • Development of industry and small businesses: Marketing of integrated complexes for industry integrates agriculture, support of the director of foreign trade in exports.

• An unprecedented investment in a program to develop the field of employment and create about 2,000 jobs in the Golan:

The decision components encourage and enable the creation of approximately 2,000 jobs in each of the following areas: agritech, hotels, agricultural industry, commercial areas, an anchor plant and more.

• The Golan Heights as the capital of renewable energy technologies:

  • Hundreds of millions will be invested in the PPP solar project, including storage in an area of ​​about 4,000 dunams in the Weeping Valley.

  • Mo."Agro-voltaic volume of about 600 dunams.

  • Tenders for agro-volt projects in the amount of about 2,000 dunams.

Photo: Kobi Gideon / La"M

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