110 suspects involved in the crime were arrested in a huge operation by Meg"B. and other enforcement factors

4,369 fighters and volunteers of the Border Police worked in the last day across the country and led to the arrest of 110 suspects for offenses of possession of weapons, agriculture, theft of vehicles and property, drugs and more. In addition, 563 illegal immigrants were arrested as part of the activity, of whom 36 were illegal immigrants, 62 were suspected of their transportation and 7 were suspected of employing them.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

The commander of the Border Police, Superintendent Amir Cohen, ordered the operation of a 24-hour operation that began last Saturday night at midnight until midnight last night.

In the operation, Border Police fighters worked together with Israeli police district officers and other law enforcement agencies, the Tax Authority, the Israel Land Authority, the Green Patrol, the cracking unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Israel Antiquities Authority, KK."To, the Nature and Parks Authority and more.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

Some notable events from the activity in the last day:

Forces of the Central Unit of Meg"In the south together with the force of Yes"M. were prepared for the arrest of a suspicious vehicle on Route 80. The suspect vehicle arrived, the police signaled the vehicle to stop, the vehicle carrying a driver and 4 suspects broke through the police checkpoint while endangering the fighters. In a determined pursuit of the forces the vehicle was stopped along with the driver and 4 illegal occupants. A search of the vehicle turned up a Carlo-type weapon. The detainees were taken for questioning by the Border Police.

At Horbat Zaek in the southern Judean Plain, a team of Border Police volunteers identified a number of suspects. When the forces arrived, they identified vehicles belonging to the suspects, including excavation tools and metal detectors. 5 suspects, residents of the Bedouin diaspora in the south, were transferred for questioning by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

In the north, the Border Police fighters, together with the income tax, carried out activities to confiscate vehicles in Nazareth, Yafia and Iksal. Total"Approximately 20 vehicles with an estimated value of approximately 1,100,000 NIS were confiscated"H.

During the activities of Meg fighters"In the city of Qalansawa information was received in the central unit of Meg"In a vehicle center with suspects in possession of weapons. The fighters stopped the vehicle and inside it seized a Glock pistol, a compatible cartridge loaded with bullets, a walkie-talkie, a listening kit, drugs in bulk and cash. Two local suspects were taken for questioning by the Border Police.

In the activities of the central unit of Meg"In the center and other enforcement agencies against a suspect in the takeover of agricultural land in the area of ​​the South Regional Council were identified animals kept without proper permits. It was decided to open various cases and the suspect was transferred for questioning by the Border Police.

◾In the Old City of Jerusalem, Meg fighters were arrested"In 2 suspects in their possession guns were fired "Airsoft" The two were taken for questioning by police.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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