Four suspects were arrested for firing fireworks at homes in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Israel Police has completed the investigation of four suspects in the firing of fireworks at homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

On the evening of December 11, the suspects fired fireworks at direct establishments at homes in the Old City of Jerusalem and immediately fled the scene. Police officers conducted scans, located fireworks hives, and quick interrogations by David Merhav investigators in the Jerusalem District led to the locating of the suspects (minors, residents of the Old City) and they were arrested by the police and taken for questioning and later, their detention was extended from time to time.

Police investigators have recently completed the investigation, gathering evidence and findings against the suspects in the firing of fireworks and at a hearing held this morning (Monday) a prosecutor’s statement was submitted on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office regarding the intention to file an indictment against them. Their detention was extended for another 5 days, until next Friday.

The police said: "The Israel Police will continue to work resolutely to prosecute lawbreakers and violators and to maintain public peace and security."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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