Home Front Command emergency preparedness exercise will be held tomorrow at Givat Zeev and Abu Ghosh local councils

The Home Front Command’s emergency preparedness exercise will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) in the Givat Zeev and Abu Ghosh local councils. As part of the exercise, rising and falling alarms will be activated and alerts will be received in the Home Front Command widget in the following localities and times:

• At 10:05 and 19:05 – Abu Ghosh.

• At 10:15 and 19:15 – Givat Zeev.

Residents are asked to practice while activating the entry warnings into the protected areas and make sure they are ready for an emergency. If a true alert is activated, you will hear another rising and falling alarm. More information can be found at the Home Front Command hotline at 104, via WhatsApp text messages at 052-9104104, on the national portal at: oref.org.il and on social networks.

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