M-16 and explosive device ready to use: Amal item"Many were caught in a raid on the streets

During an initiated police operation, last night (Sunday) the unit’s detectives in the streets uncovered Amal items"Many, including M-16 weapons and ready-to-use explosive devices and means for making additional explosives.

Meanwhile, Sea Police"R. Conducted an initiated search in Sheth"The district dog unit in Rehovot, as part of which an explosive device, explosive devices, several operating mechanisms, weapons, cartridges and ammunition were exposed near the building in the industrial area, were allegedly removed by a local criminal organization, in a conflict with another Lachish sector.

Police saboteurs neutralized the explosives in the area and scanned the area, together with the dog unit, to rule out the risk of additional explosives. All the findings seized in the field were transferred for further extraction of evidence in the forensic and sabotage laboratories of the Israel Police.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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