Netanyahu attacks back: "Bennett has no reason not to be here, to stop whining and hear the truth"

US"Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu recently attacked (Monday) Re"From Bennett in the debate 40 signatures in the Knesset plenum: "Bennett and Lapid’s confused government of fraud is unable to do anything properly. Bennett tried to escape from this discussion because he was afraid to hear criticism and accept the truth. He has no reason not to be here. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, he can be here and according to the regulations of the Knesset, he must be here. Let him stop whining and hear the truth. Bennett, the man and the booklet, copied a booklet in which he promised to eliminate the corona within 4 weeks. Today, six months after the formation of the worst government in the history of Israel, he is sitting there in a helpless podium. He gives a lot of tweets, recommendations, interpretations, a lot of moral sermons while in the war in Gaza he attacked the government – and zero decisions."

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