Nine suspects were arrested for extortion by threats and receiving anything fraudulently in the Arab sector

As part of the Israeli police’s fight against crime families in Arab society, a covert investigation has been conducted in the National Unit for the Investigation of Serious and International Crime in the past year (Yahav"L), on suspicion of serious offenses of extortion by threats and receiving anything fraudulently from the field of land tenders. According to the suspicion, criminal elements from crime families allegedly approached the winners of a land tender in the Taibeh area and sent them a threatening message about their lives, claiming that the land belonged to them and the winners canceled the win or paid hundreds of thousands of shekels for the same land.

Despite winning legally and legitimately, in an orderly tender by the Israel Land Authority (Ram"J), it emerged in the investigation that some of the winners feared for their lives and apparently did not realize the win and were forced to cancel it, following extortion by threats made against them by a number of suspects while walking terror on them. This morning (Monday) after a strenuous interrogation and the transition to an open interrogation, dozens of police officers raided Yahav"To, mat"A. and Yes Police"M, on the homes of several suspects in the area of ​​Tira, Nazareth, Taibeh and Umm al-Fahm, and conducted searches and arrests of nine suspects. During the searches, sums of money in the tens of thousands of shekels, over 150,000 euros and hundreds of thousands of dollars were seized.

The investigation is being conducted by the Israel Police and accompanied by the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (criminal). As part of the investigation and as required, the suspects will be brought to the Magistrate’s Court for an extension of detention for the suspicions: extortion, receiving anything fraudulently, offenses under the Anti-Money Laundering Law and offenses under the Income Tax Ordinance.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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