Outbreak of avian influenza: re"There is no consultation with professionals, there is no information on cases of infection in humans

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently (Monday) held a consultation on bird flu, with the participation of the National Security Adviser and the head of Hamel"L, d"R. Eyal Hulta, CEO"To the office of Re"M., Yair Pines, and other professionals. Bennett received an update regarding the morbidity of bird flu in the northern region, with an emphasis on the community of Margaliot and Agmon Hahula.

Also updated re"M in the efforts to address the issue, led by the Ministry of Agriculture and in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Environmental Protection. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture is working to kill and evacuate birds affected by the flu, with the aim of interrupting the continued spread of the disease among animals and accordingly preventing the infection of the human population. At this stage, there is no information about human infection with the flu, and those who come in contact with infected birds receive preventative treatment.

From the Re Bureau"From delivered: "The Prime Minister instructed to closely monitor any developments on the issue, while formulating an orderly plan of action in synchronizing the various bodies, and will receive regular updates."

Photo: Guy Ayalon Nature and Parks Authority

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