re"From Bennett to the opposition: "You have lost it completely, you are just bringing massive contagion to the Knesset"

The Knesset plenum held a debate today (Monday) at the request of 40 Knesset members with the participation of the Prime Minister, on the subject "Government policy that undermines Israel’s sovereignty: opening of a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem and huge loans to Palestinians worth half a billion shekels"H". At the end of the debate, following Prime Minister Bennett’s announcement and opposition leader Netanyahu’s response, 58 MKs supported the prime minister’s announcement, compared to 56 who opposed it.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke from the Knesset’s isolationist platform and responded to the opposition members’ claims at the 40-signature debate. In his opening remarks, Bennett referred to the fact that he was forced to attend the Knesset despite the fact that his house is on high suspicion of Lorient Omikron and said: "The fact that we are in the epidemic of a variant of the fastest in human history at the rate of contagion, the opposition unfortunately it does not matter, they are busy with worldly things, like the new Likudniks, Barkat law, and today with sharp verbal violence against the elder MK Benny Begin. They are busy with everything but one thing, the well-being and health of the citizens of Israel. If anyone needed more proof that the opposition had disengaged from the state he got it again today, you have lost it completely. The fact that you bring Omicron insulators here to the Knesset, when you understand very well that this variant is contagious, you are simply bringing a massive contagion to the Knesset of Israel, is an irresponsible act, simply irresponsible. The public is watching you and embarrassed."

Said Ra"M: "When you were in government you asked the opposition not to hold such a debate at the height of an epidemic and the opposition then led by Lapid agreed. But it does not interest you, a few more Israelis will be infected, they will lose their jobs, there will be a closure, what will you not do for some petty political gain. The public is watching you and embarrassed, excluding yourself. What will happen tomorrow when suddenly there are isolates from the Likud, you trust that we will be the responsible adult, we will continue to be the responsible adult and you will continue with your childish games."

Photo: Danny Shem Tov

The debate was held at the request of 40 Knesset members to hold a debate on the issue "Government policy that undermines Israel’s sovereignty: opening of a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem and huge loans to Palestinians worth half a billion shekels"H". Prime Minister Bennett addressed the issue and said: “Regarding the consulate, on normal days, I have no particular opinion on the internal struggles within the Likud. The so-called – wish success to both parties. But MK Nir Barkat, who is trying, if I understand correctly, to challenge Netanyahu, received advice – make a lot of noise around the consulate in Jerusalem. Travel to Washington, come back from Washington, organize petitions, this is a strong issue. The government under my leadership has repeatedly clarified its position that there is no place for a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of one state, the State of Israel. point."

Bennett noted: “We are not campaigning because it simply will not be right. We do not want to harm the State of Israel. Our goal is to take the issue off the table, we do not want to embarrass anyone but simply prevent the consulate from opening. By the way, the same consulate that worked hard when Netanyahu was prime minister, especially during the period when he was negotiating with the Palestinians. For a photo on Instagram that Bibi uploaded to garner votes, the State of Israel lost Nahariya and Tzofar. Some noise, but what you did left the State of Israel in the most difficult situation. We close the gaps you have created. The Likud and the opposition, I say this with regret, have lost every trace of statehood. Netanyahu, who was in the opposition, went out to be interviewed in English to defend the State of Israel, I did not go out to defame the State of Israel. MK Netanyahu distributes videos in English against the State of Israel. That’s all the difference. “

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu addressed 40 signatures after the prime minister. In his opening remarks, Netanyahu referred to Bennett’s claims that he was forced to attend the hearing despite the fear that he was exposed to the Omicron verification and said: "Bennett and Lapid’s confused government of fraud is unable to do anything properly. Bennett tried to escape from this discussion because he was afraid to hear criticism and accept the truth. He has no reason not to be here. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, he can be here and according to the regulations of the Knesset, he must be here. Let him stop whining and hear the truth."

Netanyahu referred to the management of the corona crisis and said: "Bennett, the man and the booklet, copied a booklet in which he promised to eliminate the corona within 4 weeks. Today, six months after the formation of the worst government in the history of Israel, he is sitting there in a helpless podium. He gives a lot of tweets, recommendations, interpretations, a lot of moral sermons while in the war in Gaza he attacked the government – and zero decisions."

Netanyahu referred to reports that the Minister of Education had hidden the numbers of those infected in schools from the prime minister and said: "Bennett zigzags in every crucial decision regarding the Corona. In the fraudulent government even Bennett does not believe Bennett. His education minister is a serial corona denier. She deliberately sabotaged the vaccination campaign for children in schools. It was argued against her that she hid data from both the public and the government. I do not know if this is true, but I know one thing for sure: if such a serious allegation had been made against our government, there would have been a criminal investigation long ago. Bennett has promised that by the end of December 50% of children 5-11 will be vaccinated. So far we have vaccinated less than ten percent. Bennett, absolute zero in achievements."

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz

Opposition leader Netanyahu said in a statement that Finance Minister “will have to change professions,” he said. "We also fought in Corona and brought in grants and an economic safety net. We saved civilians from the disgrace of starvation and businesses from bankruptcy. What are you doing? is nothing. In this fraudulent government, citizens facing bankruptcy are told to “change professions.” I tell you, ministers of fraud, confusion and failure, you are the ones who need to change professions. You are in the wrong position, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. You stand stunned and helpless in the face of tremendous challenges that you have no idea how to deal with."

Netanyahu also referred to a number of laws promoted by the coalition and said: While this government is surrendering to Iran, it is bringing Iran here. Bennett and Saar legislate Iranian laws to trample on democracy. This is a special anti-democratic project by Bennett and Saar that is scratching the blocking percentage. This is joined by the great democrat Yair Lapid, who crowned himself another priest in a vibrant democracy called “There is a Future.” Together they bring a law that will censor social networks and deprive citizens of freedom of expression. There is no such law in any democracy. I’m not just saying that. Even the Israel Democracy Institute, not exactly a body affiliated with the right or the Likud, said this explicitly today. Bennett, Saar and Lapid – you are the ones who are undermining democracy. You are the ones who slander Israel, and not we who are fighting against your tyranny. Are you talking? Yair Lapid called me Erdogan, Yair Golan who called for a Nazi state, Meretz who call for the IDF soldiers to be prosecuted – and everything in English – you are hypocrites."

H"About Nir Barkat: " In a recent conversation with a number of members of Congress, I was explicitly told that Tom Nides, the incoming ambassador of the United States, had told them, and I quote: Israel gave its consent to the opening of the Palestinian consulate, and withdrew. The Americans were told that the opening of the consulate at that stage, before the transfer of the budget, could undermine the stability of the government and therefore the Americans agreed to delay its opening until the transfer of the budget and ostensibly for the stabilization of power. On the basis of that agreement, the Americans publicly announced, among them in the media, that they would fulfill their election promise to open the consulate and they instructed Ambassador Nides to prepare for it. They even passed a required budget within Congress.

Your inability to say "No" Absolute brings us massive pressure from the Americans and other Palestinian supporters, who have recognized the weakness of this government. In terms of Biden’s parable, they want to fulfill their election promise. They want to set up the consulate. This is the result of your political innocence. After all, the current government is a small comma in the history of the people of Israel, but you are playing a dangerous game without realizing the magnitude of the responsibility that lies on your shoulders."

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