The assistant was sentenced to two years in prison by the assistant at Carmel Meuda Kindergarten

The Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva today (Monday) sentenced Liraz Natan, an assistant in the kindergarten run by Carmel to two years in prison, as well as compensation in the amount of NIS 25,000."H. to the parents of the injured minors. Liraz Natan was convicted of seven counts of assaulting a helpless minor as well as three counts of assault. This is the most severe punishment ever imposed on a kindergarten staff member who has been convicted of such offenses in kindergartens.

The court aggravated the defendant’s sentence, inter alia, in view of the fact that the offenses committed by the defendant occurred in Carmel Meuda’s garden and against the background of her actions and wrote that the harm to minors was intensified as a result of these acts being committed at the time Carmel Meuda committed her actions. For example, the court noted an incident in which in order to prevent a minor from moving, the defendant put the back of his shirt on the back of the chair. An act committed that day by Carmel Meuda towards the same minor, five more times.

However, the court distinguished between the actions of the defendant and the actions of Carmel Meuda and emphasized that the indictment against Carmel Meuda was filed not in vain in the District Court, since she was convicted of 53 offenses (more than 5 times Liraz Natan) including 18 offenses of child abuse, offenses Significantly more serious than the offenses for which Liraz Natan was convicted. The court emphasized that in a system of law in a democratic state, each person is prosecuted for his own actions and not for the actions of another.

The court also warned against the phenomenon that accompanied this trial in that a parallel was conducted in parallel with it "Field Court" The defendant, in which curses and threats were hurled at the defendant and her family and she was even forced to come to court accompanied by security guards after on one occasion, she was physically assaulted in the courtroom and hair from her head was torn off. There was also a campaign against her on social media and even through ads across the city and calls were made to harm her and her family. As a result, the defendant and her family were forced to leave their home and live in hiding apartments.

Finally, the court clarified that in these acts there is a violation of the conduct of a reformed democratic society and the system of law and justice. It was emphasized that the power to determine guilt and punish is given by the company to the court so that we do not live in the company in it "All Dalim a man".

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