The Be’er Sheva District Court convicted a YouTuber from Moshav Eliav of sexual offenses against minors

Today (Monday), it was announced that the Be’er Sheva District Court convicted 12/12/21 Eden Galant, 24, a YouTuber from Moshav Eliav, of committing numerous sexual offenses against minors, the vast majority of which were committed online. The defendant returned to Israel in the summer of 2020, after staying in the United States"In about 3 years and was recognized in the public and among minors, as a network anchor in"YouTube", When he calls himself ESSVER.

Defendant pleaded guilty and was convicted in a 12-count plea deal for committing numerous sexual offenses of indecent acts and sexual harassment against 14 minors from across the country, using various software and applications on the network, including SnapChat, Discord, and Kik. The defendant was also convicted of obstruction of justice.

Defendant’s actions in these offenses included verbal suggestions for the minors’ sexual activity with or in front of him, as well as his requests to send him intimate and sexual photographs and videos of the minors. Some of the minors complied with the defendant’s requests and sent him intimate and sexual photos and videos of themselves, including in video conversations with him.
In one of the charges, in addition to offenses through the network, the defendant met with the minor and committed indecent acts on him. The arrangement, which does not include consent to the matter of punishment, was made with the consent and consent of the victims. The date of the arguments for punishment was postponed after receiving reviews in the case of the defendant and in the case of the victims of the crime.

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