The cost of treating patients with diabetes and obesity is NIS 29 billion"H per year: "Expected to double the number of diabetics"

The Health Committee headed by h"Edith Silman held a discussion today (Monday) on dealing with diabetes. In the discussion, new data emerged on the extent of the cost to the State of Israel in the treatment of diabetics and obesity, which is a significant factor in the development of diabetes – according to what the Ministry of Health said in the discussion."H submitted to the ministry shows that the cost of treating diabetics is 9 billion NIS"About 550,000 patients a year in Israel. D"R. Dror Dicker, Y."R. Association of Internal Medicine Vio"The Israeli Society for the Study and Treatment of Obesity reported to the committee that a study to be published soon will prove that the cost to the State of Israel in the treatment of obesity is NIS 20 billion."H.

US"R. Committee, h"Edith Silman (right) said: "We are in anticipation of doubling the number of diabetics. There are a million people in Israel with pre-diabetes. If nothing is done now, they will simply become diabetic. Every year more and more people are added to this vicious circle. We became a diabetes factory. A huge budget is needed to reduce the million people who can be diabetic and build a clear mechanism for those who succeed in lowering the percentage of fetuses without diabetes. It will be my war and my struggle here in committee to prevent this disease. The committee here will also discuss the actual professional matters – for the first time in the Knesset of Israel, we will go down here for such a comprehensive examination of the committee’s discussions on how to prevent diseases. Pre-diabetes is preventable. The disease is expensive and impairs the quality of life. If we do not act, we will reach a million citizens. Support tests today are not satisfactory. The data that came up today in the special debate show huge sums of billions beyond the great human damage that there is from diabetes and obesity. The investment of only NIS 100 million that is currently available and is intended to promote health in general along with other issues is not enough".

Prof. Itamar Raz, Hugh"The National Diabetes Council, said at the hearing: "We conducted extensive research and follow-up with a group of recruited soldiers. Those who weighed over 30 – were 4 times the group of those who developed heart disease within 30.40 years. Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes and heart disease. A combination of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise must be implemented. Patients with known diabetes have over 500,000 and our estimate is that there are close to 600,000. There are more than 20,000 diabetics added each year. Our goal is to advise the Ministry of Health to add efforts to change the picture of diabetes in Israel. The data can be seen with certainty that whoever drinks more than 3 glasses of sugary drink a week, has a double chance of developing diabetes.".

Prof. Ronit Andolt, the Nutrition Division at the Ministry of Health, presented the data to the committee, according to which in 2030, one million diabetics in Israel are expected to die. According to her, the diabetes rates in the ultra-Orthodox population aged 25-75 are slightly higher than the diabetes rates compared to the rest of the Jewish population in those ages, with a maximum gap of 1.6 times in the 45-54 age group. Diabetes rates in the Arab and Bedouin populations are also significantly higher compared to diabetes rates among the Jewish population. Between the Arab population (excluding Bedouin) and the Jewish population (excluding ultra-Orthodox), a maximum gap of 2.9 times was observed in the 35-54 age group. Between the Bedouin population and the Jewish population (excluding the ultra-Orthodox) there is a maximum gap of 3.4 times in the age group 45-54.

She added that there is a clear link between the disease and the socioeconomic status and that diabetes rates among residents living in neighborhoods with low socioeconomic and middle-low scores were higher compared to the rates of diabetics living in neighborhoods with medium-high and high socioeconomic scores.

D"Rabbi Dorit Adler, president of the Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition, said at the hearing: "Obesity cannot be prevented with exercise. All diabetes is a consequence of a harmful food environment and it is even more harmful than cigarettes. If cigarettes were cheap we would not be able to eradicate, so the same goes for food".

D"R. Dror Kedar, Y."The Israeli Society for the Research and Treatment of Obesity said at the hearing: "If you want to prevent diabetes, you must treat the problem of obesity, but in Israel there are 0 clinics for the treatment of obesity. Diabetes has a lot of medications and treatment protocols – but cream does not have any medications and cures. A woman who lives with obesity and becomes pregnant – the newborn has already been harmed by it and is programmed to develop this disease as an adult as well. The required preventive significance is so important in the next generational aspect. The rule of treating obesity should be established to prevent human and economic harm".

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