The president participated in the finals of a mixed chess competition in Kfar Saba

President Yitzhak Herzog was a guest tonight (Monday) in the final of a mixed chess competition in the city of Kfar Saba, led by the Chess Club and in cooperation with the Kfar Saba Municipality, and even took part in two games at the same time against youth. The competition, which is the main chess event in the city, was held with the participation of about 80 players up to the age of 14 from the Arab and Jewish sectors, from the clubs: Tira, Kfar Qassem, Umm al-Fahm, Taibe, Arara, Jaljulia, Kfar Saba, Tel Aviv , Herzliya, Petah Tikva, Kiryat Ono and Ramat Gan.

During the final of the competition, the president dedicated a game of chess with two players at the same time – the Muslim actress Sahar Mansour, 13, from Taibeh, who plays chess for six years, and the Jewish player Adam Peles, 11, from Tel Aviv, who plays for seven years.

The President opened his remarks at the awards ceremony and said: “There is something exciting and inspiring, especially for me as an avid chess lover, on the opportunity to meet today, in 2021, young men and women who choose to devote their time and energy, and even indulge in learning and practicing chess. , And not just by watching"Queen Gambit" On Netflix. “

The president noted: ‘This picture says it all. Jewish and Arab children from all over the region, which contains about half a million people, sit together, playing the beautiful game called chess. This game is a game where you plan your moves forward, and to plan our life together going forward – you have to learn to play chess from a young age. “

Photo: Haim Tzach / Le"M

The President added and emphasized the contribution of the event to bridging the gaps in Israeli society: “The task of coexistence, the mission of Israeli brotherhood, is an everyday task, of consideration, of mutual respect, of moderation and restraint. Which is expressed as in the game of chess, in many small moves. I call on all Israeli society to know the other and the other, the lives of others, to understand that we all live in one country and we all must continue to do good. “

Rafi Saar, Mayor of Kfar Saba added: "Kfar Saba is proud to host the President of the State and the leading chess clubs in the field of youth in Israel, for a competition based on coexistence between the sectors. The art of chess transcends all language, culture or politics gaps and therefore constitutes a significant bridge among our youth on both sides. I congratulate the Chess Club in Kfar Saba, which is the largest and leading in Israel, and allows such social connections throughout the year.".

Photo: Haim Tzach / Le"M

Amiram Kaplan, Hugh"R. Chess Club said: "It is a great honor for Kfar Saba and the entire chess industry to host President Yitzhak Herzog. These competitions, which combine chess competitors from both sectors, have been held for years and we believe that this helps to promote significant social connections between Jews and Arabs in Israel. The creation of these recurring meetings contributes to alleviating the potential tension and makes it possible to see the other side beyond the political binoculars that are reflected too often in the Israeli media and public."

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