Three additional bird flu hotspots in turkeys in Ein HaHoresh, Ram-On and Givat Yoav

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is updating on three additional outbreaks of bird flu in the north of the country; At the first center in Kibbutz Ein HaHoresh in the Emek Hefer Regional Council, about 31,000 turkeys were found infected with the deadly bird infection virus; In the second focus, there are about 19 infected Indian practices for fattening in Moshav Ram-On in the Gilboa Regional Council; In the third focus, about 38,000 infected turkeys were identified in Moshav Givat Yoav in the Golan Regional Council. Veterinary services have been operating in recent days in an emergency format, the three additional centers have been isolated and active monitoring continues throughout the area, in order to eradicate the disease and prevent its further spread.

As is well known, at this time of year, hundreds of thousands of birds pass through Israel on their way to Africa. The presence of birds during the migration period increases the risk of transmitting various diseases, chief among them – bird flu. In light of this, the Ministry of Agriculture reiterates that all poultry and bird breeders must comply with veterinary services guidelines, and prevent poultry from roaming in open areas. All cases of abnormal avian morbidity and mortality should be reported immediately to the attending veterinarian, the official veterinarian and the veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture. In any case, do not dispose of poultry carcasses in an unregulated manner.

As in previous cases this year, this case too is H5N1 bird flu, which can cause a low risk of human disease. The Ministry of Agriculture once again reminds the public to be careful about consuming chicken and egg products only after cooking, since high heat treatment (cooking, baking, frying) destroys all bacteria and viruses in poultry. The ministry notes that this recommendation is valid in the routine, and now even more so.

Since the outbreak of bird flu among wild birds in the Hula Reed, the veterinary services have been actively monitoring farms and farms in the entire northern region. Meanwhile, the current centers in Moshav Ein Horesh and Kibbutz Ram On were identified.

As mentioned, only yesterday another disease center was reported near Moshav Margaliot, with about 320,000 laying hens. This, in addition, to previous centers in Margaliot, Neot Golan, Agmon Hahula, Kfar Baruch, Kibbutz Ein Tzurim, Avigdor, Maayan Zvi and Nahalal. Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture manages Haf"K in Agmon Hahula, in order to include the activities of all relevant government bodies operating in the area, and to assist the Nature and Parks Authority and Kak"To manage the unusual morbidity event among wild birds in the area.

Since March 2006, when cases of bird flu were detected in Kibbutz Holit and Ein Hashlosha in the south of the country and in Moshav Sde Moshe in the Lachish region, flu cases have been detected almost every year.

The Minister of Agriculture, Oded Forer, said: "We need to bring the chicken coops in the State of Israel to a state of high biological safety so as not to be in such a rolling and ongoing event next year as well.".

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