"We will make your husband pieces and you will cry": Two members of the Jerushi family are suspected of blackmailing a resident of the center

Marine researchers"Over the past month, the Israel Police Center has been conducting an undercover investigation, receiving a report from the police regarding suspicion of extortion and threats against a resident of the center by two suspects in the context of a financial dispute, while using extortion and pressure from the extortionists towards the victim and his family.

The undercover investigation raised suspicions that the two suspects, members of the Jerushi family in their 20s, used various means of pressure, including physically reaching their homes in the center of the victim’s country and his family and even conducting a phone call."The suspects to the victim from his son’s house, in which they raised "On the line" To call his minor grandson as a message that they are in close proximity to him.

Meanwhile, Marine detectives"The center used technological and other means to gather visual and audio evidence, which led to the disclosure of the identities of the two suspects, when upon the transfer of the investigation to the visible stage at the beginning of the month, detectives arrested"R. coordinated the two and the court extended their detention according to the needs of the investigation.

Among the evidence, there were clear threatening statements made to the family members, including: "You will cry over your husband, you will see. You beg me, we will make your husband pieces and you will cry". On another occasion the extortionist remarked: When his father was threatened now he became a man. We do not want to talk to him, we will not talk. There are hands and they will speak, our hands will speak, they will speak the most beautiful there is .. and you will see pictures of atonement for you .."

As stated, in accordance with the investigation conducted by the police and its findings, a"The State Attorney’s Office has indicted the two suspects, including suspicion of committing offenses of extortion, money laundering and receiving payment on a loan that includes criminal interest.

A phone call from the suspects to the blackmailer, during which they included his minor grandson, there "Illustrate the message" That they are in his son’s house.

Illustration. Photo: pixabay

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