Weather: Partly cloudy in most parts of the country, in the fourth Wednesday the rains return

The weather today (Monday) is expected to be clear to partly cloudy in most parts of the country. In the morning and at night it will be cold and during the day it will be pleasant. Forecasted temperatures for today: Jerusalem 7-13, Tel Aviv 11-19, Haifa 11-17, Katzrin 9-18, Safed 8-12, Tiberias 9-21, Nazareth 9-16, Afula 7-18, Beit She’an 7-19 , Lod 10-20, Ashdod 10-18, Ein Gedi 15-20, Beer Sheva 9-20, Mitzpe Ramon 7-13 and Eilat 11-22.

Tomorrow the weather is expected to be similar but with a cloudy day without any real snowfall but on Wednesday, from noon, it will rain occasionally in the center of the country and in the northwestern Negev. The rain will stop at night. On Thursday, a strong south and southwest wind will blow – a sign of a new rain system approaching.

On Friday it will rain rain that will spread from south to north gradually, but most of the rain will be in the south and center. From the weekend there is a fear of floods in the southern and eastern streams, especially on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. In this system a lot of rain is expected in the south.

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