A 50-year-old will want 20 months in prison for illegally distributing invoices in the total amount of NIS 17.5 million

Sharon Shilon, 50, of Rehovot, will serve 20 months in prison after being convicted based on his confession in the Rehovot Magistrate’s Court of distributing false invoices and illegally deducting input tax. The case was handled by Adv"D. Bella Frank-Diller of the Central District Legal Unit of the Tax Authority following an investigation by the Customs and Excise Department"from Tel Aviv.

According to the indictment, in January 2014 – February 2015, Shilon acted through three companies to issue invoices for services that were not provided and for which no payments were received and their entire purpose was to allow another company to offset its tax liability. One of the companies through which Shilon operated, Lisantos Designs, is registered as owned by his stepson. The rest of the companies are registered as owned by people who have since left the country.

In total, Shilon issued 37 invoices totaling NIS 17.5 million, of which the tax inherent was NIS 2.66 million. The invoices were used by Company A. S. Walid, owned by Walid Abu-Sneina, in order to offset the input tax in its account books.

In addition, Shilon was charged with submitting false reports to the company"From named Lisantos Designs. Through these reports, the company illegally deducted input tax in the amount of NIS 268,000, without having invoices to justify the tax deduction.

Judge Zohar Divon-Segal sentenced the defendant, in addition to 20 months of actual imprisonment, to 15 months probation. The judge also imposed a fine of NIS 40,000 on Lisantos Designs.

Illustration. Credit: freepik

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