A police officer is charged with assault and threats against his ex-partner

The Police Investigations Department today (Tuesday) filed an indictment in the Haifa District Court against Muhammad al and I (23), who were patrolling the Misgav police station, for assault, injury and threats against his ex-partner.

According to the indictment, filed through Adv"D. Naama Lazmi, about a week ago the defendant and his ex-partner arranged to meet and he came to pick her up from her house, so he attacked her and when she refused his demand to give him the lock code to the phone he pulled out a knife, threatened to kill her and pinned the knife to her throat. Later when she tried to defend himself from him he stabbed her in the hands several times and caused her cuts. So he fled the scene with her cell phone. One of the drivers at the scene noticed her and drove her to the police station. As a result of the defendant’s actions she was evacuated to the hospital and needed medical treatment.

The indictment attributes to the defendant the commission of offenses of extortion by threats, injury in aggravated circumstances, possession of a knife and obstruction of justice.

The Department of Police Investigations asks the court to order the arrest of the police officer until the end of the legal proceedings against him. The arrest request states, among other things, that "The risk is exacerbated when it comes to a police officer who has access to police weapons and who has already proven that he has the power to carry out his explicit threats, to kill the complainant".

The case is being investigated by the North team in the Police Investigations Department.

Illustration. Credit: freefik / Processing: MivzakLive News

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