A toddler was accidentally locked in a car in a plow – and a shirt in peace p"Friends ‘Volunteer’

A six-month-old toddler was accidentally locked in the car this morning (Tuesday) in front of her father on Shoham Street in Harish. Shmarya Abba Shaul, a call center friend and manager of the Petah Tikva branch, accepted the call and called for help at the address. A plowing branch volunteer, Daniel Priva responded to the call, arrived quickly at the scene and with the equipment in his possession rescued the baby, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Daniel tells: "The father strapped the baby in the parking lot of the building to make their way to the residence and when he turned to move to the driver’s seat, the vehicle locked in front of his eyes. Within minutes I arrived at the scene and quickly rescued the baby, without much difficulty".

In friends who repeatedly call on parents to always carry the car key on them • In case of locking, contact the Friends Center at number 1230 without an asterisk immediately.

Photo: Friends

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